C.I.B., 3x GCh., 14x Ch., Club GCh., 2x Club Ch., 2x veteran champion

IPO2, FPr2, SPr2, BH, BgH1, IPO-VO, ZVV1,.....


AREZZO Bohemia Star Moraveč




* 25.01.2009

Father: Ch. Ferguston Taien (IPO1, ZVV2, total 15 exams) - long coat, 65 cm, HD A/A

Mother: Artemis z Nového Malína (exp. Ch., Regional winner, CAC) - short coat, 62 cm, HD B/C


4 years and 4 months old
photo by Lucie Skopalová - www.lucieskopalova.com

3 years old






2,5 years old






C.I.B. /Champion International de Beauté/

(historically the first WSS in the Czech republic)

- before INTERNATIONAL Champion "ICh."


Champion of ČMKU

(4x CACIB or NATIONAL WINNER in the Czech republic; the first WSSD with a medium coat)


Photo by: Lucie Skopalová


Grand Champion of Czech republic

Grand Champion of Moldavia

Grand Champion of Slovakia


Club Grand Champion of Czech republic

(the first WSSD with a medium coat)

Club Champion of Czech republic

Club Champion of Slovakia



Veteran Champion of Czech republic

Veteran Champion of Slovakia


Champion of Azerbaijan

Champion of The Balkans

Champion of Croatia

Champion of Cyprus

Champion of Czech republic

Champion of Hungary

Champion of Macedonia

Champion of The Mediterranean

Champion of Moldavia

Champion of Montenegro

Champion of Poland

Champion of Slovakia


Club Winner of Czech republic

Class Winner of Czech republic

Derby Winner of Slovakia

National Winner of Czech republic

National Winner of Poland

National Winner of Slovakia

Regional Winner of Czech republic


Excellent on World Club Show in Salzburg 2012

Excellent on European Dog Show in Brno 2014


Best of Males (AT, AZ, CRO, CZE, HUN, MLD, PL, SK)

Best of Breed (AZ, CRO, CZE, HUN, MLD, PL, SK)

Best of Opposite Sex

Best puppy of Breed



"Male Miss 2013"
(the most successful show dog in the period 08/2013 - 07/2014 in the Czech republic)
"Male vice Miss 2012"
(the second most successful show dog in the period 08/2012 - 07/2013 in the Czech republic)
"Male Miss 2011"
(the most successful show dog in the period 08/2011 - 07/2012 in the Czech republic)
"Male Miss 2010"
(the most successful show dog in the period 08/2010 - 07/2011 in the Czech republic)



13x r. CAC, 60x CAC, 1x r. CACA, 4x CACA, 1x WSÖ-CACA, 3x CWC, 15x r. CACIB, 15x CACIB, 7x CAC ČMKU, 1x BOS, 10x BOB, 5x BOV


2x Very Promising 1 (in a puppy class)

6x Exc. 1 (in a veteran class)



Exp. Champion of Austria (missing yet 2x CACA)

Exp. Champion of Slovenia (missing yet 3x CAC)



The most successful show´s dog of KBO (Club White Shepherd) in the Czech Republic "Male Miss"

(the period August 2010 - July 2012)

The first and only WSSD from the Czech Republic, which received the highest title C.I.B.

Historically, only the second male of KBO (Club White Shepherd), which became "Club Grand Champion"


Breed: White Swiss Shepherd Dog "WSSD"


(Breeding license from 11.10.2010), more info about all Arezzo´s offspring HERE

He has a medium coat (before short coat), complete dentition with 42 visible teeth, scissors bite, height 66 cm, weight 42 - 46 kg.

Bernie is very calm, gentle, kind, wonderful, problem-free dog with amazing friendly balanced and open character. He loves all people, children, others dogs (except bad and angry dogs). He has a wonderful male head with totally black eyes and black nose, good strong bone with straight back (in movement too), perfect working drive, absolutely white coat without a hint of yellow or rusty and great black pigmentation for all year!!! He is an excellent tracker and he has a very good bite with full mouth.

To his offsprings passes strong bones, super top line, straight back, improves pigmentation, character and gives beauty face :).

Mating with him is possible for a puppy or by under any other agreement in our midst.

Registration number: ČMKU/ACO/2217/09/11

Tattoo number: 2217

Microchip number: 203 098 100 310 657

  • HD B, ED 0/0 (May 2010 X-rey hips and elbows)
  • MDR1 (+/+)
  • DM n/n (normal) degenerative Myelopathy
  • genetic profile in Czech republic and in Germany
  • April 2012 X-rays of both elbows, shoulders and spine: all negative
  • May 2016 examination of the eyes - all clear
  • August 2016 - check of x-ray - without arthrosis, hips between 0-1)
Working trials:
  • Czech Kynolog Unity Brno

            ZOP (obedience + special discipline: 16.10.2011)

            ZPU1 (tracking + obedience: 22.09.2012)

  • National Examination Regulations: 

            ZZO (obedience + special discipline: 18.09.2011)

            ZM (track, obedience, defense: 08.05.2013)

            ZVV1 (track, obedience, defense: 04.04.2015)

  • International Examination Regulations

            BH (obedience by IPO: 28.07.2012)

            BgH 1 (obedience by IPO: 07.10.2012)

            IPO-VO (track, obedience, defense: 11.04.2015)

            FPr 1 (track by IPO: 24.05.2015)

            IPO 1 (13.06.2015)

            IPO 2 (11.07.2015)

            SPr 1 (defence by IPO: 24.07.2015)

            FPr 2 (track by IPO: 18.10.2015)

            SPr 2 (defence by IPO: 21.11.2015)

Arezzo making: tracking, obedience, bite work, agility, coursing









CACIB - International shows: 

Mladá Boleslav (CZE) 29.08.2009, puppy class Very promising 1, judge Ing. Leoš Jančík (Czech republic)

České Budějovice (CZE) 24.10.2009, puppy class Very promising 1, judge Zdena Holmerová (Czech republic)

Prague (CZE) 07.11.2009, junior class Exc. 2, judge Karel Hořák (Czech republic)

Mladá Boleslav (CZE) 28.08.2010, intermediate class Exc. 1 CAC, res. CACIB, judge Jana Svobodová (Czech republic)

Brno (CZE) 05.02.2011, open class Exc. 1 CAC, r. CACIB, judge Jadwiga Niciewicz (Poland)

Brno (CZE) 06.02.2011, open class Exc. 1 CAC, judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk - Wierzchowska (Poland)

Bratislava (Slovakia) 14.05.2011, open class Exc. 2 r. CAC, judge Libuše Ubrová (Czech republic)

Bratislava (Slovakia) 15.05.2011, open  class  Exc.  2 r. CAC, judge Miroslav Zidar (Slovenia)

Litoměřice (CZE) 22.05.2011, champion class Exc. 1 CAC, CACIBBOB, judge Mgr. Božena Ovesná (Czech republic)

Nitra (Slovakia) 04.06.2011, champion class Exc. 1 CAC, judge Elena Balázsovits (Hungary)

Nitra (Slovakia) 05.06.2011, champion class  Exc. 1 CAC, CACIBBOB, judge Tibor Havelka (Slovakia)


České Budějovice (CZE) 08.10.2011, champion class Exc. 1 CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, judge Otakar Vondrouš (Czech republic)

Kielce (Poland) 19.11.2011, champion class Exc. 1, CWC, CACIB, BOB, judge Yolanda Nagler Magal (Izrael)

Wels (Austria) 03.12.2011, champion class Exc. 2, r. CACA, r. CACIB, judge Otakar Vondrouš (Czech republic)

Wels (Austria) 04.12.2011, champion class Exc. 1, CACA, WSÖ-CACA, judge Friederike Kappacher (Austria)

Zagreb (Croatia) 03.03.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, BOB, judge (Italia)

Zagreb (Croatia) 04.03.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Zlatko Krajlic (Croatia)

České Budějovice (CZE) 31.03.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, judge Ing. Jaroslav Matyáš (Slovakia)

Bar (Montenegro) 28.04.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, judge Dušan Rodič (Serbia)

Prague (CZE) 05.05.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Ing. Jaroslav Matyáš (Slovakia)

Bratislava (Slovakia) 12.05.2012, champion class Exc. 2,  r. CAC, judge Pico Velez Roberto (Portugal)

Bratislava (Slovakia) 13.05.2012, champion class Exc. 2, r. CAC, judge Giusepe Bepe Allesandra (Italy)

Litoměřice (CZE) 26.05.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, judge Beata  Petkevica (Lithuania)

Nitra (Slovakia) 09.06.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, judge Péter Harsányi (Hungary)

Nitra (Slovakia) 10.06.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, judge Annika Ulltveit-Moe (Sweden)

Szombathely (Hungary) 14.07.2012, champion class Exc. 2, r. CAC, r. CACIB judge Malgorzata Wieremiejczyk-Wierzchowska (Poland)

Oberwart (Austria) 15.07.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, judge Barbra Novak (Slovenia)

Veľká Ida (Slovakia) 21.07.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, judge Péter Harsányi (Hungary)

Innsbruck (Austria) 11.08.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CACA, CACIB, judge Giuliano  Biasiolo (Italy)

Innsbruck (Austria) 12.08.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CACA, CACIB, judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (Austria)

Mladá Boleslav (CZE) 27.08.2012, champion class Exc. 1, judge Alexej Belkin (Russia)

Pohorje (Slovenia) 23.09.2012, champion class Exc. 2, r. CAC judge Dubravka Reicher (Slovenia)

Prague (CZE) 03.11.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Marek Czerniakowski (Poland)

Prague (CZE) 04.11.2012, champion class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Andraš Polgár

Kielce (Poland) 10.11.2012 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB, judge Iuza Beradze (Georgia)

Zagreb (Croatia) 17.11.2012 champion class Exc. 2, r. CAC HR, judge Fernando Madeira Rodrigues (Portugal)

Zagreb (Croatia) 18.11.2012 champion class Exc. 1, CAC HR, r. CACIB, judge Phyllis Poduschka-Aigner (Austria)

Brno (CZE) 02.02.2013 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB - FINISHED C.I.B., judge Vladimir Piskay (Slovakia)

České Budějovice (CZE) 30.03.2013 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Anna Redlicka (Poland)

Praha (CZE) 04.05.2013 champion class Exc., judge Tibor Havelka (Slovakia)

Litoměřice (CZE) 25.05.2013 champion class Exc. 2, r. CAC, judge Gabriela Ridarčíková (Slovakia)

Brno (CZE) 29.06.2013 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, judge Krystyna Opara (Poland)

Oberwart (Austria) 14.07.2013 champion class Exc.  3, judge Erwin Deutscher (Austria)

Hódmezövásárhely (Hungary) 08.09.2013 open class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, judge Jozef Mravík (Slovakia)

České Budějovice (CZE) 26.04.2014 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, judge Otakar Vondrouš (Czech republic)

Praha (CZE) 03.05.2014 champion class Exc. 3, judge Petra Márová (Czech republic)

Litoměřice (CZE) 24.05.2014 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, r. CACIB judge Tibor Havelka (Slovakia)

Brno (CZE) 21.06.2014 champion class Exc. 1, CAC, CACIB, CAC ČMKU, BOB, judge MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková (Slovakia)


CAC - National Dog Shows:

Olomouc (CZE) 09.01.2011, intermediate class Exc. 1, judge Iuza Beradze (Georgia)

Ostrava (CZE) 09.04.2011, open class Exc. 1 CAC, judge Otakar Vondrouš (Czech republic)

Litoměřice (CZE) 21.05.2011, winner class Exc. 1 CACnational winner, judge Andraš Polgár (Serbia); for the first time in winner class


Brno (CZE) 17.09.2011, winner class Exc. 1, judge Miroslav Václavík (Czech republic)

Legionowo (Poland) 11.12.2011, winner class Exc. 1, CWC, Best dog of breed - National Winner, BOB, judge Elzbieta Chwalibóg, assistant Malgorzata Halas (Poland)

Bar (Montenegro) 28.04.2012, open class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Dragana Perunović Terzić (Montenegro)

​Macedonia 29.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Savičić Nebojša (Montenegro)

​Macedonia 29.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Gabriel Stibel (Macedonia)

​Moldavia 29.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, BOB, judge Brajović Vojislav (Montenegro)

​Moldavia 29.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Mile B. Aleksoski (Montenegro)

​Azerbaijan 30.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Erodotos Neofytou (Montenegro)

Azerbaijan 30.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, BOB, judge Živojin Stevanovic (Montenegro)

Cyprus 30.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Ratibor Cekić (Montenegro)

Cyprus 30.04.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Mudreša Vasko (Montenegro)

Senec (Slovakia) 08.06.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Rafael Malo Alcrudo (Spain)

Veľká Ida (Slovakia) 20.07.2012, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Malgorzata Supronowicz (Poland)

Klatovy (CZE) 15.06.2013, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Andraš Polgár (Czech republic/Serbia)

Velencéi (Hungary) 07.07.2013, open class Exc. 1, CAC, BOB, judge Tibor Gellén (Hungary)

Ostrava (CZE) 12.04.2013, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Tibor Havelka (Slovakia)

Brno (CZE) 19.09.2015, winner class Exc. 1, CAC, National Winner, CAC ČMKU, BOS, judge Bc. Vladimíra Tichá (Czech republic)


Regional shows: 

Praha - Rychety (CZE) 02.10.2011, winner class Exc. 1, class winner, regional winner, judge Mgr. Božena Ovesná (Czech republic)

Brno - Žebětín (CZE) 28.07.2013, winner class Exc. 1, class winner, regional winner, judge Miroslav Václavík (Czech republic)


Czech Club Shows WSS:

Česká Skalice (CZE) 11.09.2010, intermediate class Exc. 2 res. CAC, judge Ing. Jana Karhanová (Czech republic)

Mladé Bříště (CZE) 11.06.2011, winner class Exc. 2 res. CAC, judge Jana Svobodová (Czech republic)

Česká Skalice (CZE) 10.10.2011, winner class Exc. 3, judge Oldřiška Plšková (Czech republic)

Salzburg (Austria) "ANIF: World Club Show" 20.05.2012, winner class Excellent 5 - 7, judge Friederike Kappacher (Austria)

Malacky (Slovakia) 02.06.2012, winner class Exc. 2, r. CAC, judge MVDr. Gabriela Ridarčíková (Slovakia)

Česká Skalice (CZE) 08.09.2012, winner class Exc. 3, judge Ingo Bortel (Germany, kennel "vom Sutumer Grund")

Čistá u Horek (CZE) 06.07.2013, winner class Exc. 1, judge Ladislav Kukla (Czech republic)

Česká Skalice (CZE) 14.09.2013, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Jana Svobodová (Czech republic)

Čistá u Horek (CZE) 05.07.2014, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Friederike Kappacher (Austria)

Česká Skalice (CZE) 13.09.2014, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Ing. Jana Karhanová (Czech republic)

Česká Skalice (CZE) 12.09.2015, working class Exc. 1, CAC, Club Winner, judge Jana Svobodová (Czech republic)

Čistá u Horek (CZE) 09.07.2016, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Monika Blaha (Austria)


Special shows:

Svojanov u Borušova (CZE) 16.04.2011, open class Exc. 2 res. CAC, judge Miroslav Václavík (Czech republic)

Svojanov u Borušova (CZE) 07.04.2012, winner class Exc. 2 res. CAC, judge Jana Svobodová (Czech republic)

Svojanov u Borušova (CZE) 31.03.2013, winner class Exc. 3, judge Oldřiška Plšková (Czech republic)

Svojanov u Borušova (CZE) 19.04.2014, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Bc. Vladimíra Tichá (Czech republic)

Svojanov u Borušova (CZE) 26.03.2016, working class Exc. 1, CAC, judge Iveta Nováková (Czech republic)


More photos and videos of his "bite work" you can find in this albums:



03.07. + 17.07.2011



08.12. + 18.12. + 25.12.2011










06.01.2012 + 29.01.2012




Father: Ch. Ferguston Taien

(Ch. Basko Fillův dvůr x Ch. Gara z Veselé rodiny)

24.10.2003 - † 17.08.2010


Owners: David a Martina Vokrouhlíkovi

Stud Dog FCI, longcoat, scissors bite, complete 42 visible teeth, balanced character, 65 cm

Health: RTG HD A/A

Registration number: zREG/ACO/1316/03/05

Tattoo number: 1316

Chip number: 985120022502412

Results of his shows: Club Champion of Czech republic, Champion of Poland, Exp. Champion of Czech republic; multi CAC, BOB

Working trials (overall 15!!!): IPO1, ZOPZPU1 and ZPU2ZZOZVV1 and ZVV2BHIPO-VFPr1 - FPr3VZ1ZZZRH-E 

Club appreciation: Champion in performance"


Výcvik - aport přez překážku II..jpg (normální)

source: personal webpage of Ferguston


2009 Kennel Bohemia Star Moraveč (mother Artemis z Nového Malína 7 puppies - 3 males and 4 females)

2010 Kennel od Knapovského potoka (mother Banji Star z Ranče Montara 7 puppies and again 3 males and 4 females :) - our step-siblings are named: Bres Niall - medium coat, Brethil Gaoth - long coat, Brian Gaoth - long coat, Bethia Grian - long coat, Boann Sailín - long coat, Branwen Grian - medium coat - she stayed home at the kennel, Brigan Sailín - medium coat)

Siblings: total 5?

Faironus - "Faramir, Faroušek"  * 24.10.2003 - † 29.03.2015

male with medium coat, he was castrated and very similar to our Berniesmiley)


Fantomas - * 24.10.2003 - †

male medium coat, stud dog FCI, RTG HD A/B

Fantaghiro - * 24.10.2003 - † 2015

(Pärnu, Estonia) female with medium coat, on the photos 11 years and 11 months old



Finnlandia (export Finland) - female


Mother: Artemis z Nového Malína "Sněženka" 

(Cino Giacomo Elbigi x Alexis of White Glory † October 2011)

* 02.07.2006


Owner: Monika Kratochvílová

Breeding female FCI, medium coat (before short coat), scissors bite, complete 42 visible teeth, height 62 cm

Health: RTG HD B/C

Registration number: zREG/ACO/1792/06/09

Tattoo number: 1792

Shows: Regional Winner, CAC

CACIB Mladá Boleslav 30.08.2008, judge E. Chwalibóg - open class Exc. 3

BBI CUP OF NATIONS III., 21.09.2008, judge Miroslav Václavík - open class Excellent

Club Show of WSS Loutí 04.10.2008, judge Jana Karhanová - open class Exc. 4 (total 8 females in class)

Progeny: litter A - kennel Bohemia Star Moraveč

Siblings: total 7 puppies - 4 males and 3 females, all dogs in this litter have a medium (short) coat

Apollo "Aris" - stud male FCI, scissors bite, complete teeth, RTG HD 0/0, ED 0/0, tattoo number 1786, MDR1 +/+; height 63 cm; working trial BH; his web page www.apollo.wbs.cz


Ares - stud male FCI, scissors bite, complete teeth, tattoo number 1787, RTG HD 0/0, ED 0/1; height 64,5 cm

image     image

Argo - male, tattoo number 1788

Athos - male, tattoo number 1789

Antigona "Hany" - female, tattoo number 1791

Working Trials (total 21!!!): ZOP, ZZO, ZPU1, ZM, ZPS1, BH, FPr1 - FPr3, FH1, FH2, IPO-FH, ZMT, T1, OPT1, SPT1 - SPT3, OB-Z, OB1, RH-TE

Hanynka v mládí jako štěňátko utrpěla úraz obličejové partie, ale je to bojovnice, vše zvládla a dnes se může pyšnit 21 zkouškami!!!, hlavně je dobrá ve stopařině - Mistr republiky TART 2015: SPT3, FPr3 a mnohé mnohé další (více v sekci "Psi se zkouškou z výkonu").


Audi "Ájinka" - Breeding female in kennel Beluda (breeding licence on Svojanov 2008), scissor bite, complete teeth, tattoo number 1793, RTG  HD A/A, ED 0/0, height 61 cm, working trial ZZO; www.beluda.estranky.cz




K e n n e l

Bohemia Star Moraveč

L i t t e r   " A "

(Ch. Ferguston Taien x Artemis z Nového Malína)


* 25.01.2009

was born seven puppies - three males and four females, two puppies with a long coat






ALTAIR Pedigree Database

(medium coat, tattoo number 2216, scissor bite, both testicles in scrotum)

Owner: Monika Skokanová, Olešná u Pelhřimova, Czech republic




Photo: owner


AREZZO "Bernie"   Pedigree Database

(medium coat, tattoo number 2217, scissor bite, full teeth, both testicles in scrotum)

Owner: This dog is our Bernie :)



ASKANO    Pedigree Database

(medium coat, tattoo number 2218, scissor bite, both testicles in scrotum)



AKÉLA    Pedigree Database

(long coat, tattoo number 2219, scissor bite)


Photo: owner


AKIVASHA    Pedigree Database

(long coat, tattoo number 2220, scissor bite)


ANEMONA "Monina"    Pedigree Database

(medium coat, tattoo number 2221, scissor bite, missing P1, balanced character)

Owner: Monika Kratochvílová, Moraveč, she stayed in kennel


CACIB Mladá Boleslav 29.08.2009 - puppy class VP1, judge Ing. Leoš Jančík

CACIB Brno 07.02.2010 - junior class VG4,  Elzbieta Chwalibóg (Poland)

Pre-breeding (junior dog testing): Rozkoš u České Skalice 06.09.2009judges Věra Pecková, and Oldřiška Plšková (scissor bite, height 59 cm, missing P1 - castration)


exp. JCh. ARZAMAS    Pedigree Database

25.01.2009 - † 18.11.2013

(medium coat, tattoo number 2222)

Owner: Mgr. Dita Krejsová, Chotoviny u Tábora, Czech republic



Club Show of WSS Česká Skalice 5.9.2009 - puppy class VP1, judge Jana Svobodová (total 4 females)

National Dog Show Brno 17.10.2009 - puppy class VP1, judge Ing. Jana Karhanová

CACIB České Budějovice 24.4.2010 - junior class Exc, 1, CAJC, judge Petra Márová

Pre-breeding (junior dog testing)Rozkoš u České Skalice 06.09.2009, judges Věra Pecková, and Oldřiška Plšková (scissor bite, height 62 cm, double P1, balanced character)



- Arezzo is father of 28 females and 27 males -

total 48 puppies, with long coat 12 (1+0+4+3+1+0+0+0+1+2)

(his children live: Czech republic, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Norway, Slovakia, USA)

Litter´s pedigree - click on picture of pedigree database


16) 2017 Bernie x

15) 2017 Bernie x

14) 2016 Bernie x

13) 2016 Bernie x Chico /Chico van Suthwalda/

12) 2016 Bernie x Bambi /Bambina White Chocolate/

11) 2016 Bernie x Beyla /BeDaBlanco Brave Beyla/

10) 2016 Bernie x Kissa /Snowpatrols Gissa/

9) 2016 Bernie x Allegra /Canthika von der Bayerwache/

8) mating took place on 21.05.2015 Bernie x Elly /Elly vom Weichser Moos/

female was not pregnant

7) * 05.05.2015 Bernie x Mia /Allis Mia Forrento/









6) * 13.04.2015 Bernie x Sura /Usurei Donnevara/









5) * 02.03.2015 Bernie x Megí /Wendy Magic AKBO-Parchovany/


4) * 26.02.2015 Bernie x Kely /Cally od Kunovského lesa/









3) * 04.01.2013 Bernie x Debí /Debonar Free Meroxen/

2) * 13.08.2012 Bernie x Nela /Nessie Acabo Czech/

1) * 21.02.2012 Bernie x Gája /Tina Turner Miraja/



Results of HD and ED after Arezzo

More informations about his offsprings HERE

We have HD: 0=A, 1=B, 2=C, 3=D, 4=E

Name of Arezzo´s offspring Mother Name of the kennel Results of HD Results of ED Year
AMANITA Tina Turner Miraja Šamanův trik 0/0 0/0 2014
BELLA NICE Debonar Free Meroxen Forrento 1/1 0/0 2015
BROOKE ANN Debonar Free Meroxen Forrento 0/1 0/0 2015
GREYS Caly od Kunovského lesa od Kunovského lesa 0/1 0/0 2016
NIAGARA Wendy Magic AKBO-Parchovany AKBO-Parchovany 0/0 1/0 2016
NOAH Wendy Magic AKBO-Parchovany AKBO-Parchovany 0/0 0/0 2016
THAYA BERGER Nessie Acabo Czech Acabo Czech 0/1 0/0 2014
THORR Nessie Acabo Czech Acabo Czech 0/0 0/0 2014
THREA Nessie Acabo Czech Acabo Czech 0/0 0/0 2014


7) Kennel "Almost Normal" litter A

* 05.05.2015

(mating took place on 06.03.2015)

4 females, 2 males

Abigeil medium coat, Agatha medium coat, Amalie medium coat, Anny Kessie medium coat

Alfréd medium coat, Amadeus medium coat


Mother: Allis Mia Forrento

* 29.02.2012

/Orfano Donnevara x Debonar Free Meroxen/


Irena Jakubčíková, Krumvíř, okr. Břeclav
e-mail: i.jakubcikova@seznam.cz; phone number: +421 737 531 914

6) Kennel "Atagora" litter B

* 13.04.2015

(mating took place on 09.02.2015)

2 females

Bernie´s Bria Atagora medium coat, Bernie´s Bernadeta Atagora medium coat


Mother: Usurei Donnevara

* 22.04.2011

/Nico Donnevara x Kelly Nice Donnevara/



Iveta Klohnová, Trnava, okr. Třebíč nebo Rešice, okr. Znojmo
e-mail: info@atagora.cz; tel.: +421 774 532 660
web page: www.atagora.cz

5) Kennel "AKBO-Parchovany" litter N

* 02.03.2015

(mating took place on 02.01.2015)

1 female, 2 males

NIAGARA medium coat

NITO DIAMOND long coat, NOAH medium coat


Mother: Wendy Magic AKBO-Parchovany

* 16.03.2008

/H´Tarkan de vi Pasay x Anett von Szentkiraly Csilaga/



Ing. Marcel Hvozdík (breeding consultant), Lipová 89, 076 62 Parchovany, Slovakia
e-mail: mhvozd@gmail.com; tel.: +421 907 906 559

4) Kennel "od Kunovského lesa" litter G

* 26.02.2015

(mating took place on 26.12.2014)

3 females, 5 males

GIRA (3441/15) long coat, GITA SNOW WHITE (3442/15) medium coat, GREYS (3443/15) medium coat

GASTON (3436/15) medium coat, GERY (3437/15) medium coat, GORBY (3438/15) long coat, GORO (3439/15) medium coat, GREG (3440/15) medium coat


Mother: Cally od Kunovského lesa

* 24.04.2009

/Alf od Vlkošského mlýna x Adriana u Panáka/



Zdena Kolaříková, Školní 572, 287 22 Ostrožská Nová Ves
e-mail: kolarikova.zdenka@seznam.cz; phone number: +420 737 659 110

3) Kennel "Forrento" litter B

* 04.01.2013

(mating took place on 07.11.2012)
3 females, 5 males
BELLA NICE (2899/12) long coat, BERRY ROSE (2900/12) medium coat, BROOKE ANN (2901/12) long coat
BARNEY STINS (2894/12) long coat, BERNIE JR. (2895/12) medium coat, BODY LEE (2896/12) medium coat, BOLT CRUISE (2897/12) long coat, BREADY GREYS (2898/12) medium coat
* 03.01.2010
Lucie Ulrychová, Morašice 36, 671 71 Hostěradice
E-mail: lluucc@centrum.cz, phone number: +420 774 83 83 20


2) Kennel "Acabo Czech" litter T

* 13.08.2012

(mating took place on 17.06.2012)
5 females, 4 males
all puppies have short / medium coat
TESSIE (2875/12)THAYA BERGER (2876/12), THREA (2877/12), TOFFEE (2878/12), TRACE (2879/12)
TACCO (2871/12), THORR (2872/12), TIRSY (2873/12), TOBIAS (2874/12)
* 19.11.2008
/Ch. Barry Oscar z Brdské smečky x Ch. Corris Star z Ranče Montara
Věra Pecková (breeding consultant), Řipská 872, 276 01 Mělník
e-mail: bily.ovcak@seznam.cz; phone number: +420 725 290 283
web page: www.acaboczech.cz



(mating took place on 22.12.2011)
2 females, 1 male
AMANITA (2808/12) long coat, ARCTIC RIVER (2809/12) SDS / medium coat
AMUNDSEN medium coat
Mother: Tina Turner Miraja
* 08.06.2006
/Ch. Big Boy Rychlý stín x Ch. Gale Innocence Miraja/ 


COI - coefficient of inbreeding of eight generations, almost 500 ancestors is 8,33 (this value is low - due to the low breeding base)
Mgr. Magdalena Šimečková, Bohuslavice u Hlučína (near Ostrava)
Phone number: +420 736 670 497, e-mail: info@koira.cz
web page: www.koira.cz; interesting reading about dogs blog.koira.cz


Kennel Šamanův trik, litter A - 5 weeks old and for the first time outside

Amanita, Amundsen and Arctic River


Amanita Šamanův trik 1 month old - long coat female


Arctic River Šamanův trik 1 months old - short coat female

Puppies 1 months old
Amundsen is playing with his mother Gaia
Puppies 14 days old